Markhor Leather, founded in 1992 with the aim of combining leather with fashion, carried the nobility of the skin to the lines of the day and became the first representative of a brand new way of life and elegance.

Stylish and useful designs for every season are available in Markhor’s range. Leather & textile garments, Women bags, shoes, travel bags, briefcases and portfolios, as well as bag accessories, game accessories, all kinds of souvenirs such as keychain sets etc.

Markhor Leather, whose philosophy is unconditional customer satisfaction and happiness, offers customers the opportunity to express themselves freely with their products and collections designed in parallel with changing consumer expectations and changing lifestyles. Markhor Leather, which constantly renews its collections, reflects the dignity and elegance of the individual leather in every product. It aims.

From the beginnings in 1992 to the modern market presence of in 2019, Markhor Leather has continuously stayed at the forefront of innovation and style. Synonymous with the highest quality, Markhor has become one of World’s most prestigious and iconic Company, celebrated and loved for its unique heritage and ability to stay at the forefront of international trends. Today, all of our products are designed iby our talented design team and crafted using the finest materials which are sourced from around the world.